Water Infrastructure

Urban Water Cycle

Video length (13:37 minutes)

Presenter: University of Dayton River Stewards

Keywords: water cycle, stormwater, rivers, aquifer, drinking water, wastewater

Drinking Water Treatment

Video length (7:30 minutes)

Presenter: Brandon Turner and Emily Denlinger, City of Dayton, Dept of Water, Division of Water Supply and Treatment

Keywords: drinking water, treatment process, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, sand filter

Supplemental Resources

EnviroScape Stormwater Demo

Video length (6:27 minutes)

Presenter: Lidia Tropeano, Solano RCD

Keywords: rain, stormwater, storm drain, watershed, pollution, protection

Wastewater Journey

14_water journey_HRES LOGO.mp4

Video length (1:22 minutes)

Presenter: Montgomery County Environmental Services

Keywords: sewer, wastewater treatment, filter, clarification, microorganisms